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Enslaved Day#5: Earth to Sky to Water

Long session for Day 5 and it’s a mixed bag. The plot here is a bit filler, with some really obvious fetch-quest goals. A new character is introduced who doesn’t really add much. The fights are okay and there are some mediocre set pieces, but nothing really shines this session. It basically feels like filler to get to the end. And the last chapter of the session has a pretty annoying logic puzzle, but it’s followed by a nice set of timed fights. Net okay, at least enough to keep me rooting for the characters and interested in the ending. Spoilers within.

We begin again at the start of Chapter 10. Ugh, I have to watch whole CS again.  Oh, it turns out I forgot to add “distributor” to the list of things needed in the last post – it’s four things all together. I get control and have to race Pigsy up to the top of a tower to get the first item. Pigsy cheats with a grappling hook, and even though he stops to taunt me, I lose the race. It’s a typical, no-choice climb for this game. At the top, they CS trade explanations of their names. Pigsy says Monkey is kind of obvious to him (it’s a smell joke – ha ha).  We grapple down back down on Pigsy’s grapple hand. We head to the next item, which is inside a bunker area. I have to lift up a barrier to get inside, and it turns out it’s a mech factory. The supercharger is on a platform with some mechs. To get there, we first have to get walkways raised up and then lined up right. I get the first one up and send Trip up on it. The walkway doesn’t reach all the way across so I have to throw her across. I lift the second one and doing so causes a demolition robot gets loose. It charges across the walkway towards Trip, but the walkway collapses under its weight and I now have to fight it. I don’t remember how to fight demolition robots and die once, but one death is enough for me to remember and with that, I defeat it and some other robots that also appear. I then have to climb up the walkway, throw her across and then traverse the platform with her to get the supercharger. We go back to Pigsy to see what’s next. To leave the mech factory, I have shoot an explosive Pigsy throws on a wall. I hit it the first time, and Trip complements my shot. Pigsy is not as impressed and deflates me.

The next piece is in a semi-operational machine factory. Pigsy and Trip get thrown/grapple up to a walkway while I have to go around. The climbed way around is blocked by stuck gears, so Trip turns on the machinery so I can get past it. It’s a set of timing jumping puzzles – not too hard but interesting. I get past it to see Trip stopped at a gap. I have to shoot down a walkway, then to reach her, Trip activates some hydrolic swinging poles and I have to have her rotate them while I’m on them. I get across. Before proceeding, I go back to where Trip and Pigsy climbed up and get some points and a glitch mask (more corn fields) before returning. We enter an area where they were building a Titan, but Pigsy says it was never fully assembled. We have to get some cranes operational to get to the next piece. On route to the cranes, I fight back some basic robots. A turret then becomes active and I have to climb up to it to kill it. Once it’s dead, Trip gets to a crane as I find a new glitch (cowboys). I have to climb over to the other crane to help Trip get to the piece. I do so and then use the crane controls to coordinate her across. Once I get her to the right platform, she’s stopped by another too-high jump. I have to climb around to get to her, but as I’m climbing, robots charge Trip. She stuns them and then I arrive in time to destroy them. Robots taken care of, she gets the third piece and we cut immediately back to the boat. In CS Pigsy asks if Trip and Monkey are together. Monkey says she’s enslaved him and hurts him when he doesn’t listen.  Monkey says that Trip can hear every word they say, but that Pigsy should take a shot anyway. He goes up with a cheesy line, and while we don’t hear her response, she pats him on the head. Monkey asks Pigsy how it went, and he dodges. Trip shakes her head at Monkey — in an exception for Enslaved, that model pose doesn’t work so well and feel uncanny.

We cut to Chapter 11: Old Battleground. The team CS sails across as lake. There’s a shot of Trip and Monkey with heart of rusty archs behind them.  Pigsy snorts and rocks the boat to disrupt the image. The boat stops and Pigsy announces that this is where the power cell is. I get control and then have to fight my way through a series of shooting mechs to proceed. I die twice from bad cover. Pigsy helps out by shooting into the fight to kill mechs, but he also mocks my kill number throughout. I get through it, and run ahead to more shooting mechs in another tight corridor. I die once there by being stupid and die once again by not having any cover. I defeat them the third time, and Pigsy totally competing with me. There’s another glitch (showing a mall). Trip and Monkey run into a metal hallway, and when we get inside, the power shorts and it’s dark. Pigsy eventually opens the door after another joke about Monkey’s smell. As we climb over some machine wreckage,  Pigsy admits he’s never been here before but he’s flown over it. Climbing over wreckage has too many crazy camera angles and it’s hard to run straight. At the end of this pathway, there are more robots to fight and kill them easily. Pigsy makes some kind of comment about not wanting to “accidentally” blow my brains out as he shoots into the melee. Boy I hope this doesn’t end badly – I don’t want to have to kill Pigsy.  We continue along the path and see the power cell sitting on the ground in a giant robot hand. In CS, they notice how vulnerable the power cell is and seem to realize it’s a trap. Monkey goes down and picks it up.  But there’s a “rhino” that Pigsy doesn’t mention until  Monkey’s down there. It’s a giant charging mech that comes after me as I get control  and start cloud-ing around.  I can’t fight it directly; instead, I have to shoot mines that Pigsy shoots onto the field when the rhino runs by them. After a couple of explosions, Pigsy says the explosions aren’t working and instead I have to get the rhino to ram in big fuel containers Pigsy and I knock onto the field. I die once in the fight because I stupidly don’t take the time to heal between getting rammed. But it matters not, because as I’m dying – DISC FAIL AGAIN!!!!!.

I do fight over and take it much better this time. It ends in set piece where I climb a tower to drop the last bomb on the rhino. We cut to a CS of Pigsy and Monkey fighting about Trip where Pigsy accuses Monkey of hitting on her after her father’s death. In the meantime, the rhino wakes up while Trip is scanning it. She’s caught on it as it runs off. I get control to chase it on my cloud. I need to fairly perfectly run a path to catch up to it. It’s tricky because there’s a blind jump near the end that I miss twice and die when the rhino explodes with Trip on it. I finally get it and do a takedown to save her. We cut to a CS of Pigsy seeing the crash and smiling, but then seeing Monkey and Trip together alive and frowning. That cuts a scene of the three of them in Pigsy’s flying bus.  He says a pig, a monkey, and a teenage (really, thought she was a young adult) girl are going to take on the slavers AND WI, and off we go.

We cut to 500 miles later and Chapter 12: The Dam. The bus gets an announcement from the slaver base asking about the unidentified craft. This is followed by a comic scene of Pigsy trying to lie and failing. The base asks for landing codes, and Pigsy tries to fake it as Trip and Monkey run to an escape pod. They tell him to come as the base threatens to attack. There’s a comic scene of them jammed in the pod.  Monkey makes an “at least I’m on the inside”  of the pod joke that Trip has a nice snide laugh at. There’s also some penis joke of Monkey having his hand crammed on Pigsy’s junk – whatever. We cut to the destroyed pod and footprints leading away.  They CS try to force Pigsy into an air shaft but he won’t fit, so they go another way. I get control and we enter a large control room. Through a window,  they find the Leviathan weapon. CS they discuss it how and see a sub sailing around the weapon. Monkey says that’s how they’ll take the Leviathan. Trip goes to a console and opens a door. There’s a sub docked in there. It has to run on rails to the airlock. Trip highlights the controls for the sub and Pigsy says he can man them to navigate the sub out. We head over to the console, but Pigsy CS fucks it up. Once it’s broken,  he says he’ll blow the door open and Monkey can pilot the craft out. I get control as Trip tries to move the ship forward, but it’s blocked by a cart that rotates in front of it as the sub move forward. It’s a logic puzzle where the carts and sub are on the same system, and where I have to change the facing of the carts and then move them around so that they don’t end up in front of the ship. It takes me a while to figure out because I don’t realize that Trip can power the carts to move forward and back but once I realize that, it’s easy and we get the sub moving.

The sub starts moving and Pigsy and Trip get on but I can’t reach it, so I’ll have to follow on foot.  They are getting ready to go into the airlock, and Trip says nothing is ever easy. We enter into another large room. Mechs there are shooting at the sub and the sub is blocked by a metal barricade. I have to run to a panel, destroying a mech along the way. I get to a console, but Trip has to tell Monkey how to use it (turn it on and off). Monkey CS activates the panel and we cut to a CS of Trip and Pigsy on the sub. Pigsy pulls a hatch open on the sub, but then falls off and dangles from sub by his grappling line. I have to save him as the sub starts moving towards various dangers. I have to fight off a bunch of shooting mechs — it’s a long fight but I win, — and then there’s another joke about Monkey at a console. Trip gives Monkey a complex command for the console, but he just hits the machine and it works  – she’s impressed he figures it out. We enter a new room, and there’s more combat as I run across. It’s quite fun. I have to shoot fans out of the way to keep Pigsy from colliding with them. I then have to run down to where Pigsy is to save him. When I reach the spot, there’s a CS of Monkey saving Pigsy.  Pigsy says they are now even. Monkey starts to protest but gives up. They jump in the sub, and Pigsy again gets stuck. It’s the end of chapter and that’s it for me for tonight.

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