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Enslaved Day#4: Bay of Pigs

Day 4 on Enslaved in a relatively short session that takes the story in a new direction. There’s one very fun gameplay scene, even though some of the plot of that section gets a bit repetitive. The new stuff is generally good though, and I’m having more fun with this game now than I did at the beginning.  The game is pretty good despite its flaws. Spoilers within.

I begin again from the fight outside the windmill.  Dear god. Either it’s hard or I really suck. I die like 10 times before I beat it. It’s three waves of enemies with a mix of shields, big robots, and stunners. I have to be very dodgy to avoid being killed. Once I win, Trip rejoins me and we go to the war room door. She opens  the door to reveal another door behind. As she hacks the second door, she’s nervous the plan won’t work. We go into second door which opens to another piazza-like area. A dog suddenly breaks into the circle, and it’s up to me to fight it. Oh, and this dog shoots. I die a couple of times fighting it because my staff reset to attack rather than stun before the fight started, and I keep mistakenly not stunning the dog. The fight is a little cheap, because they respawn stun bullets as I need them. It would have been much better to just put all of the stun bullets out their up front; it wouldn’t feel like the game was cheating to help me. Once I have my weapon set right, I win quickly and the death scene is yet again pretty awesome.  Trip hacks the final door to the war room,  and in CS she runs inside to find her father dead in a chair surrounded by static-y monitors. He left a recording for her about how proud he is that she’s still alive and escaped the slavers. Monkey shuts  the recording off and checks on Trip.  Trip says that she’s breaking the deal – she’s not letting Monkey go yet. The slavers are to the West and she’s going there to kill whoever did this, and she’s leaving the headband on until she finds her target.

We cut to Chapter 9: Wasteland. It begins with a CS of them driving. Trip asks Monkey why he hasn’t said anything about her breaking the deal. He says that finding her home destroyed and her family killed – he gets it. She says everything must be so simple for him. He says it is what it is, and they drive on. We cut to them at the remains of a mech factory surrounded by a polluted-looking lake. She’s looking for a friend of her father’s who might help them, if he’s still alive. I get control and go down a series of paths. Trip says the water here is poisonous from mech fuel. Trip explains to find Pyramid (the slaver company) we have to follow a slave ship, which means getting a flying machine that she says this guy has. Of course,  she’ll have to persuade him to let her use the ship and she hasn’t figured that part out yet. We get to a path that the guy laid out, but the bridge is up, so I  have to pull switch to cross it. I climb around and then have to kill a couple of mechs to clear path.  I then use the cloud to jet across water and up to the switch. We cross the path across the lake and there should be a boat to take us across. We get to a barricade with “beware of Hog” sign in front of it. I hit B to lift it up, and inside there’s lots of noise and images of pigs.  AWESOME – DISC FAILURE. When I get back, Trip says that the pigs will make sense when we meet this guy, but music still won’t.

We open up to a lake with a boat, but to reach the boat, we have to knock down a large beam. There are lots of robots, and so I dive in and kill them to start. I knock down the beam using the staff cannon by shooting both sides of a hinge holding it up. I rejoin Trip to throw her across and then pull her up on the other side. We run around and reach the boat. Trip drives and Monkey mans the gun turret as we sail ahead. This is a nice scene where we sail around the lake while robots pop up to shoot at us. I’m doing a good job of taking them down quickly. The engine on the boat dies in the middle of the lake and I have to shoot off a lot of robots while Trip powers it back up.  It’s a quite fun moment.

I get past that scene, and pass through a gate that detects mechs. Trip thinks we’re safe, but my headband triggers the alarm and activates two turrets. I have to take them out before we proceed, using the cloud to navigate the lake to the cliffs they are on. I can’t find a way up to them in my first pass and then die from a mine or something. On my second try, I get to the first one and kill it with a simple hit and then a takedown, but trying to get to the second one, I unintentionally zip too far away from Trip and die. SIGH. To get to second one, I have to dodge through a set of mines and make a series of platform jumps on the cloud. It’s pretty delicate and I die once before I pull it off. Once both turrets are dead, I go back to the boat and we sail on until we reach a pile of junk. Monkey gets out to move it and picks up a new glitch, showing a tractor in a wheat field. When Monkey comes back, Trip says the visions must be driving him crazy. Monkey CS says he used to think so, but he now realizes that the headband is tuning into something else. They continue talking as he’s pulling junk out of the way, but then a dog suddenly leaps out of the trash. Trip races ahead in the boat and I have to follow on the cloud, dodging mines while I chase the dog chasing the ship. Dogs are getting a little too frequent in this game. I die a couple times trying to catch the dog, but on the third try, I reach the dog before it catches Trip and do yet another new, cool, dog-killing CS.

We cut to a CS of Monkey picking up Trip from where she landed on shore. A fat, pig-like guy aims a gun at them, but then he recognizes Trip. He asks about her Father and she starts to cry a little. We cut away on that sad scene. This leads us to Chapter 10: Titan Factory. Monkey and Trip walk into Piggy’s dirty weird home. Trip tells Piggy that she’s going to kill the slavers. Pig says taking on slavers is just about having the right weaponry. Pig has been keeping track of what the slavers were taking. Monkey interrupts to ask pointedly about the weapon. Pig show a diagram on a chalk board, and explains that the slavers are building a supermech he calls Leviathan. He’ll let us take the flying ship, but he needs parts to finish it first: a heat sink, supercharger and power cell. We cut to another destroyed factory, where Pig tells Trip to stay with the boat (“this is man’s work”) and taunts Monkey to follow him up into the remains. That’s enough for tonight, so I’m calling it a day.

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