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Fallout New Vegas Day#3: New Sheriff in Town

Day 3 is basically me dealing with a lot of content in a single city. I do some fighting, talk to some locals in need of help, and then do some more fighting. The fighting is pretty good; I like the V.A.T.S. systems of non real-time shooting and while I get devastated in the first couple fights, I remember that you can be strategic with combat in Fallout. The talking is mixed. The narrative is not that entertaining, but I’m given a genuine choice about what to do about Primm that I think will have an effect on my game in the long run. It’s that kind of narrative interaction that makes the new Fallout games great. Spoilers within.

I begin the game back at the camp at Primm. My mission is still telling me to go inside the city, so I think I’m going to try it. It’s overrun with escaped criminals, so let’s see how this goes. I shoot a mine that I almost step on to get it out of the way, and then start heading in. There’s a collection of ruined buildings and about three criminals lurking around. I die pretty quickly the first time because my weapon sucks – the varmint rifle takes too long to reload. I go back in with pistol, and I first kill two guys then the third one a short time later, but I take a lot of damage in these fights. I also find a dead courier with a note (4 of 6); I guess I have to find six notes. Once the criminals are dead, I start investigating the other buildings around here. I enter the sheriff’s office and find him and his wife dead in bed. I also find a work bench, but I don’t do anything with it. I then go into deputy’s office.  It’s red for some reason? I steal water from the fridge and lose karma for it? Not sure why. Oh well, back to saving Primm.  I go around the back of the area to the broken down roller coaster. I find nothing but I kill a couple more convicts, a little more cleanly this time.  I’m running out of stimpacks though, and a crippled head is blurring my vision from time to time. On the other side of Primm, I find lots of houses. Lots of red on the doors makes me think that the owners are going to be returning soon, so I leave them alone.

There are only two building remaining: a big one and a little casino, so I go into the little casino. Inside, I meet Nash — he runs the Mojave Express. Through conversation choice, I learn he told me that a cowboy robot hired six couriers that delivered weird things. The other 5 got delivered, and another guy turned the final delivery job down when he saw that I could do it instead. Interesting that I might have known the guy who seems to have set me up to get betrayed. I have to talk to the deputy to find out who shot me, but the deputy has captured at Bison Steve’s and I have to find him to help Primm. I then talk to the  robot spokesperson at this casino and hear the story of Vikki and Vance,  a joke version of Bonnie and Clyde. It’s a sort of amusing story. I figure out that Bison Steve’s is the big building and seeing as how it’s the logical next step, I go there.

When I enter the building, there’s immediately an enemy entering the room from the other side. I kill the guy inside in a shoot-out, and then I stealth kill a second guy which is ROCK! I go on sneaking through rooms killing  a whole bunch of guys with stealth, but then I’m killed by random guy I didn’t see.  I go back to the entrance to Bison Steve’s and I’m killed again at about the same point. But the third time I win with even more stealth by hiding in a corner and taking guys out as they come. Once all the enemies are dead, I find the deputy tied up. He wants to be set free, but I use my speech on him to have him come with me as I clean out the rest of the building.  There are a few locked doors on this floor, but my lockpicking skill is down because of my head injury and I can’t access them. But I can still hack the computer so I do. I get a maintaince key and, with it, a bunch of stuff before I go to the second floor with the deputy.  It’s a long scene where I walk around killing guys. It’s pretty easy up here with the deputy despite my still critical head injury, and with a bit of time to hunt down some hidden enemies, I finish the job and go outside.

The deputy is suddenly gone, so I head back to the little casino. The deputy is here. I talk to him and he says he can’t be sheriff. He offers two choices: either a guy named Meyers could be sheriff (he’s at the prison) or the NCR could take over.  I ask the deputy about how I go shot, and I find out more about the guy in the suit who shot me. His posse said they would be heading from Nipton to Novac. I then leave the city and go back to Lt. Hayes’s tent.  To get the NCR to take over, I would have to talk to Knight at the Mojave outpost. I fast travel to Goodspring to get me healed, and I get my 50 cap healing from Doc Mitchell. I buy some doctor’s bags and in classic Fallout fashion, I sell the ton of crap I’ve collected at the general store. I see that the prison is now on my map, so I decide to check it out. I fast travel back to the Powder Gang campsite to get close to the correctional facility and then I head over there. I’m hated by the Gang, so I’m a bit worried about this, but the guard on the outside doesn’t kill me on sight, so I talk to him. He offers to let me in for a price, and I pay 100 caps to go in the prison. I go inside and immediately find Meyers.  He says he didn’t take part in the uprising — Cooke did it and then he took off. Meyer’s in jail because he took the law into his own hands in the last place he was Sheriff. I convince Meyers to be Sheriff although he says that he’ll take matters into his own hands again; I can live with that given that I do it all the time. Meyers tells me he’ll need a pardon to do the job and then he leaves. I save and go to find Eddie, the leader of the prison, for the hell of it. I walk to the administrative area and find Eddie at the warden’s old desk.  He’s hostile, but he reveals he wants me to get rid of another robber, Chavez, who won’t listen to him. I tell him I’ll need to think about it and he tells me to get out. I leave and I head back to Primm to check on it. Once there, I find Meyers. He reminds me that I have to get him a pardon, and tells me that I can get one from the NCR headquarters. That’s where I call it a night.

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