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Batman AA Day#9: Justice is Served

Short session to the end of the game. It’s not the game’s highest point. The boss fight is too formulaic, and then end cutscene is solid but not great. The tip structure spoils the fight a bit, but at least I get to do one last good brawl (unfortunately no more predation). Spoilers within.

So, the final minion fight takes a couple more times, but I get the trick: use the big guys’ charge to take out the little guys. It’s never easy for me, but I get it.

Cutscene ensues in which the Joker reveals Gordon chained up (guess he didn’t make it off the island after all) and then threatens to shoot him with Titan. Batman jumps into the shot instead, but fights to keep the Titan inside him from causing him to grow and go crazy. I’m not sure how Batman can resist an hyper-steroid with nothing more than willpower, but then again, I AM THE NIGHT. Joker expresses his disappointment and then shoots himself with Titan.

Scene transitions to the roof where Joker is giant and steroided for the final boss fight, and Batman uses the antidote on himself to keep from going crazy. ‘Roided Joker chases me around for a while, then calls down goons. I’m not sure how to attack the Joker in this one, but when I die, the first tip I get spoils the puzzle. That sucked. Anyway, you alternate between fighting goons and using the grab gun to pull the Joker down from the platform he stands on and punching him. It’s a bit anti-climactic in how Zelda-obvious the pattern is. Where did all the cool predator stuff go for the finale? It’s all fist-fights and boss puzzles. Anyway, I win on the third try, and the fight ends with a cutscene where Batman sprays exploding gel on his hand and socks the Joker with an explosive BOFF.

Final cutscene has Gordon describing how the Asylum is back under control, and showing that Poison Ivy and Joker are still alive being carted back to their cells. Batman shows up and over the radio we hear that Harvey Dent is robbing a bank. Batman hops in the Batjet and flies away. A little epilogue after the credits. FIN

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