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Red Dead Redemption Day#13: Power to the People

A short session today, I do a couple of missions and call it a night. It’s a better session, mostly because I’m finally doing something in the game that doesn’t violate my sense of the ethics here. There’s a stealth scene this time, which is totally inappropriate to this game, a confusing explosion scene that I stumble through with no idea what I’m doing,  and a straight-up crash bug that causes me to lose 15 minutes of play. The fact that all the above flaws do not overly annoying me is a sign of how happy I am that I get to play the character I want here. Spoilers within.

It’s another session and of course I start by getting my poker fix in. I come out a little ahead. I then go to next Luisa mission, killing a bunch of robbers on the way. The new chapter is Captain De Santa’s Downfall. Oh I guess I didn’t kill De Santa in that last mission; it must have been that other captain. Anyway, it’s pretty straightforward — Luisa is sending men to kill De Santa and I ride with the rebels there. Once we arrive at the town, there’s a CS of John giving orders to the rebels. As we walk into town, the CS continues with De Santa shooting a guy who just dug his own grave. I get control and fight my way through some low ruins.  De Santa runs from the ruins and once all the other enemies are killed, I chase him down and hogtie him. I then ride him back to the ruins to launch a CS of John beating De Santa up. He asks about Esquela and De Santa gives me a location.  I can kill De Santa, but I decide to let the rebels do it instead. I then ride to find Esquela and get to the location, but it’s a trap with a ton of army guys. I die once during the gunfight because I’m behind bad cover, but then I clear the guards. The chapter ends with a CS of John talking to a woman from the town who tells him Esquela hasn’t been there for a long time.

I head immediately to a Reyes mission called the Great Mexican Train Robbery. It starts with a CS of John walking into camp. Reyes is talking over a map and then goes to greet John.  He’s a bit powerhungry.  He promises to fair and judicious and wise when he’s in charge. Reyes calls out John’s sarcastic agreement. He then asks John to take part in a robbery. I get control and follow him to the robbery scene. Along the way,  John and Reyes talk. It turns out Dutch (John and Bill’s old boss) was a Robin Hood type, but Dutch went insane at the end and lost faith in everything. We arrive at Cuparosa with a CS overview of town.  John and Reyes walk in town through a storm.  The mission is that I have to disconnect the army guard’s train and I have to be sneaky as I do it. I’m supposed to use throwing knives to kill. The first time I  get spotted right away because I don’t know where I’m supposed to hide. I respawn and watch Reyes drive guards off. I stealth (i.e. crouch walk) behind one guard and knife him. I knife the remaining guards although the last one spots me, but he’s the last one so I can just kill him. I detach the trains and then I’m told I  have to get on a Gatling gun on train. How original. However, I don’t realize there’s someone manning the gun and get blown to pieces as I walk towards it. I respawn and there’s a crash bug before I kill the first guy. Nice. I have to restart the game and redo the whole mission from the cutscene start. Sigh. Anyway, this time I do man Gatling and kill a bunch of guards in a nearby camp.  Then I kill guards as I walk up to the engine and drive the train away. We cut to a CS of the train arriving with the rebels. I’m asked to blow open the car with dynamite, which I do with the triangle to plant dynamite controls. I  go inside to see two dead guards and a safe. There’s a cracking safe mini-game of turning a dial and waiting for a rumble on the controller. It’s immersive if not mind-blowingly fun. I then loot the safe and return to Reyes. There’s a CS of Reyes loading explosives on a truck. I get control and ride to town. On the way, I save a peasant from the army. That gives me a bounty, but I’ll take it to kill army guys. I ride into town, sleep and save.

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