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Batman AA Day#4: A Little Justice before an Xbox Fail

A short session with another beautifully implemented time challenge and a less-than-beautifully-implemented thug fight with a twist. Game is solidly good with some moments of very, very nice design. Then my Xbox decides that I’m done for the night. Spoilers within.

So I rejoin fight with Harley’s goons and win. I know they are going after guns now, so I target the thugs that become armed. It’s a good minor twist to the fight.

From there, the rest of this session is chasing Harley around. I follow her into a room with some hostages hanging over electrified water. I have to disarm a series of electrical boxes in sequence to let the guards loose and run out of the room before a bomb goes off. It’s fun and I beat it with less than ten seconds left. The people designing the time puzzles for this game have been knocking it out of the park on getting the right difficulty. Again I say Bravo.

More chasing, and I end up in a room divided by fences into three parts, electrical floor throughout. I have to beat up a few waves of goons here, while jumping from one section to another to avoid shocks. It’s a good setup, but it doesn’t work as well as it should. I end up dying three times, but frankly, each one death feels like too many. There are two flaws here. First, it isn’t clear when a floor is lit up, so you can sometimes get shocked just because you can’t see clearly. The second bigger issue is that to climb a fence, you need to hit “A” near it, but if you hit “A” and a direction simultaneously, you move into a dodge instead and don’t clear the fence. This is pretty dumb; I am never going to want to dodge directly into a fence I’m standing right next to. Any direction pointing towards an adjacent fence should contribute to leaping the fence, not diving into it.

On the fourth time, I beat the fight and see a cut scene where the Joker chooses to abandon Harley, but my Xbox decides (as it is occasionally wont to do) that the disc needs to be cleaned, and crashes before the scene completely ends. Oh well, that’s an Xbox for you. Next time.

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