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Mass Effect 2 Day#4: Old Faces and New Teammates

Day 4 is more team-building and introduces some interesting characters.  I enjoy the fighting and it stays enjoyable, but this session has a lot of talking. I complete a few quests and find out quite a bit more about the universe as I revisit old characters for ME1.  My fears about the Paragon stuff is a little eased, and there are some small interesting scenes where my decision making seems significant. Overall, it’s going well. Spoilers within.

I start off back in the aftereffect of the bridge battle and immediately find the door for Archangel’s lair. I see him and he CS shoots snipes somebody. He removes his helmet, and it’s Garrus, one of my old team members. He explains that he was also fed up with bureaucratic crap at the Citadel. He’s a vigilante now hunting the worst of the mercs.  We can’t get out over the bridge given all the mercs peering down it, but we start looking for cracks in their defenses. They send robots, and we fight them. There’s a CS of them activating a bigger robot, but that’s the robot that I hacked last session and thus we don’t have to fight it now. Very nice that paid off. It’s a bit of a fight, but we beat them all.

CS Garrus explains Jareth (one of the merc leaders) has been shipping bad goods and that’s why he’s after them. These mercs break in on the lower level, and given a choice of leaving Garreth alone or leaving someone to guard him, I leave Jacob while Miranda and I go to deal with the oncoming troops. I have to seal three blast doors to stop the enemy advance. The first door is easy. The second is in a long room with dogs and such, and is work but not too challenging. The third is quite hard with lots of cover to jump over and a very nasty guy with a flamethrower.  We seal them all, but I use a medpack in the process.  (Sign this game is good — I have to wonder what would have happened if I left Garrus alone.) I head back to where Garrus is, and the mercs breach front door. We fight and take them down with no casualties. In the resolution, Garrus is suddenly attacked by a helicopter. I fight the helicopter, and kill it in a fight where I have to resurrect my team members like two or three times. I think Garrus is dead, but CS he’s still barely alive. We radio Joker on the Normandy and get out to the level end.

CS Jacob tells Shepherd that Garrus has been restored as much as possible. It’s  full recovery but with cybernetics and scarring. When Garrus enters the room, I choose to tell him about scarring (rather than lie) and he laughs it off.  I tell Garrus that I don’t trust Cerberus, and he tells me he’s on the team. I then wander the ship to do my normal rounds. I  talk to Jacob about his past. I flirt with my assistant when she tells me I have unread messages. One of my messages is from the kid I saved on Omega — very nice! Anderson also sends a message and tells me he wants to talk. I go down to engineering to play cards with engineering and lose 100 credits. I go and talk to Garrus and find out that he lost his old team to a traitor in his midst (I smell a mission!) I talk to Miranda and find out she’s genetically modified to be perfect. That’s basically the whole crew, so checking in finished, it’s back to the missions.

I first go back to Omega to clean up the remaining stuff there. I take Miranda and Jacob (as I think Garrus may get me in trouble with the mercs). I start by talking to Aria, the Omega boss, and show her the datapad I found on the mercs which says they were going to get her next. I get experience points for that.  Then I  go to take care of the plague doctor, who is another possible team member. The quarantine sector is blocked off by a guard, and I Paragon my way past that guard to get in. I’m asked to select a party again and stick with humans since we seem to be immune to the plague. Once inside, I get a q-t event to  heal a reluctant plague victim and win his confidence. He’s blaming humans for the disease for no particular reason, but once I heal him, he tells me where Mordin (the plague doctor) is. I fight our way to Mordin. Along the way, I fail at a hack — I don’t really understand the interface, because I thought I had more failures. I do beat a sequence to get open a safe.

I finally reach Mordin, and he’s quite a good character.  He’s hyper and talkative, and he suspects the collectors of causing plague. He agrees to help me, but he wants me to take a plague cure to the environmental station to save the ward and, on the way, look out of his assistant who tried to get the cure there first. Along the way, the vorcha fight me, but I make my way in, dying once because I can’t find the med pack button. I find the assistant being held by some aliens and use Paragon to have them let him go. I live up to my word and let the abductors go when they free him. I then fight into ventilation room. I inject cure into the system after a CS talk to the vorcha. I then turn on one fan to start spreading the cure after another fight. I  get both of the other fans up, and once they are running, we cut to the end of  the scene back in Mordin’s lab. With the cure spread and his assistant back and able to take over, Mordin will come with us on the Normandy to fight the collectors.

There’s a level end and we cut back to the ship. I have a conversation with Mordin when we come back. He knows illusive man from his past research, but he will help me find cure for plague. I flirt a little more with my assistant. I go back to Omega for one second to finish the subplot with merchant kid, and then back to ship. I use the galaxy map to head back to the Citadel to talk to Anderson. When we arrive, there’s more security here than the last game. The Citadel system thinks I’m dead, but I talk to Bailey (a security chief) who claims to be able to help in what he implies is a not-so-legal way.  I have a choice if I let me do it, and I do it — I have no patience for bureaucracy even in my games. Once inside, I  go to the Presidium and meet Anderson. He apologizes for the rest of the Council not showing. The Council won’t act because they still don’t believe in Reapers, but he does and will help in the limited ways he can. One way is to give me my Spectre title back, and I choose to take it. I see Udina, the politician who was rival for the Council spot,  when he comes out to talk to Anderson and he gives me a cool reception. Anderson dismisses him and we talk about how Anderson doesn’t like being on the Council but realizes he has to be. I finish the conversation and save.

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