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Assassin’s Creed 2 Day#4: Alla Toscana

Day 4 introduces me to my home base and my second assassination victim. I get out of the city for the first time, which is mildly interesting but not really different than the rest of the game, not that this is bad thing.  I get some combat training, which has a bunch of stuff I’ll be lucky to remember. But I also get the intro to my second assassination, and that is quite rad. Spoilers within.

So, you’ll remember last time I needed to reduce my notoriety before leaving town. But before that, I try again to find the glyph at the spot in Firenze. Fifteen more minutes of effort produces nothing; the thing seems to be behind a window and I have no idea how to get it.  I give up and get to reducing my notoriety. I can bribe guards, but that costs 500 coin, so instead I stick with poster tearing. Find a poster on the map, track it down, tear it down with B, and your notoriety drops 25%. Four posters makes me incognito again. Along the way, I pick up the three codex pieces. Each is guarded by three guards at the door, and fighting them all by myself seems crazy. I get by one by hiring courtesans who distract the guards. The other two I get past by hiring thieves; when the guards fight me, they jump in to distract them and let me take them out without fighting them head-on. Thieves seem to last more encounters so I think they may be a better hire (both cost 150 coins). However, I can’t find Leonardo to take the codex pieces to. When I check the legend, there’s an icon for him, but it’s not appearing on the map. I guess the shop is closed for the time being. I decide to go back to brothel to see my mother and sister.

When I get there, Ezio CS tells his mother and sister about the rest of the family’s death. They react poorly, but Ezio tells his sister she needs to be strong and she bucks up. Before we take off, I go to do a beat up mission where I revenge another jilted lover. It’s easy fun to beat up lying bastards. I return to the brothel, and accept a mission to take my sister and mom out of town. They basically follow me, and I just have to avoid getting into trouble. It’s easy except for a part where there’s a line of guards blocking the exit to the city, but a quickly hired set of courtesans takes care of that. It is funny how when my mom and sister follow me, they constantly bump into each other and push each other away. Methinks a different AI for the family would be better than using the standard crowd one.  I get them to the marked spot outside the city, and that’s the end of sequence two.

Sequence three starts now in Toscana. When we arrive,  Ezio CS runs back into thug from the very beginning. I regain control and have to defend family from his minions. In the middle of the fight, a new guy shows up to help and together we defeat the goons as the ringleader runs off. Turns out my sudden savior is Ezio’s Uncle Mario. Mario takes us inside his estate, and I’m assigned to follow Mario around while I tell him the story of what happened. In CS Mario tells me I’m here for training, but Ezio doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Mario says he will explain after Ezio gets some new  gear with the money Mario gives him.

I get control back and since the location reveals that there’s a new glyph here, I try to find it. It’s an easy find — just up on a wall. I have to hold down Y to activate it, which takes me a couple more tries than I like due to a lack of feedback of when I should hold down the button. When I do activate it, I go back to that special screen and hear more babble from 16. There’s a second puzzle which takes me a moment to figure out, but it’s a set of concentric circles that have to be rotated correctly to complete images on them. When I do so, I get pieces of eden 1-3 and that lands me a new passcode. I earn another piece of truth: a video of the naked man and woman seeing a door.

I do my shopping and get a dagger and some armored boots. Once done, I’m back at the manor to talk to mother and sister. They want to go home and mother still isn’t talking. I then talk to Mario. He wants to teach me how to fight,  and when I accept the mission, we go to a fighting circle for training. I learn a couple new moves (a dodge, an escape, a counterstrike and a taunt) that I’ve mostly already done and seem a little too complicated to remember on command, but we’ll see. Mario talks to me during the fight, telling me my father was an assassin and that we fight Templars, but I frankly cannot follow this narrative while trying to learn commands.

The training ends and CS Ezio wants to leave , but Mario wants me to fight and walks off pissed. I follow him to try to make it better and find a guard who tells me that Mario is leading a force to get Vieri, the next assassination victim. I get a really nice video setup for next assassination explaining how he’s a power-hungry cheating dick — very, very cool.  Obviously, I have to follow and kill this ass. I go find Maria before I leave. It turns out Mom is collecting feathers in memory of her young son. Oh is that a motivation to get the feathers. I will get every single one of them. After that, I go to Tuscany after Mario. I get on a horse and ride to find Mario. After a bit of a ride, I load into a new map, which is Tuscany. I reach Mario who tells me that Vieri is Templar. Ezio CS agrees to help. Mario is delighted, and tells Ezio that they need to get into the city to prepare for the assassination through the less-guarded south gate. The CS ends, and so does my stamina, and I decide to call it a night.

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  1. gunter says

    I to dont know what to do after it says go find divincie cause hes not on the map so i leave my mom by the bed side and swear never to play the game again

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